Getting Up to Speed

With only one more day left with the Orlando Sentinel and the near future still up in the air I have decided to use a blog as an outlet for releasing images, thoughts, and daily occurrences that will allow me to follow my life’s thread once my own time has sunset. Tomorrow’s last day with the Orlando Sentinel will leave me with two whole days freed up to do freelance work, catch up with friends, et cetera, but I will still miss my time with Doug Grossman and Julie Northlake on those serendipitous Mondays and Fridays.

I have also signed up a Twitter account: Jerry Englehart Jr. to further cast my identity’s net into the ones and zeros of the digital world.

Here are two images I shot of Olympic Swimmer, Ryan Lochte, at Daytona State College during Splashdown 2009.

Ryan Lochte 1

Ryan Lochte 2