Group Dynamics

In the last six months I have been involved, as a director with Love For Alyssa, a non-profit organization founded by Jennifer Kaczmarek. The original intent of the organization was to “bring together a community of people in hopes of helping a little girl in need.” Our focus was clear, but we both knew we could do much more.

Therefore, during this time Jennifer and I began talking about expanding the non-profit organization outward. We were going to create a core group of photographers dedicated to health related stories we could visually tell in order to help raise awareness and raise funds for individuals or an organization. We also wanted to the share ideas, thoughts, contacts, and moral support between each other. The industry of photography is constantly evolving and we saw a reason to try something completely different outside of the traditional collective of photographers.

This evolution has taken hold. We have nearly completed becoming a 501c3 with the paperwork filed and just waiting for our final approval! This will open doors to opportunities we couldn’t imagine as individual photographers.

But, the greatest surprise has come through the vast network of social media. During all the paperwork filing Jennifer came upon photographer and writer, Robert Larson via the Flak Photo Network. After Jennifer contacted him, I met with Robert in person, and he has joined our mission, bringing along with him, his own expertise to the group dynamic. Robert is currently based in Los Angeles, California and working to raise funds for his long term project ‘Waiting for Haiti’. His vision of Haiti is arresting and his work as already garnered grants, awards, and worldwide attention.

Robert Larson - Waiting for Haiti

Jennifer will continue to document and raise funds for Alyssa. In the evolution, ‘Love for Alyssa’ will become a project under the new collective name.

Jennifer Kaczmarek - Love For Alyssa

I will also continue my work on ‘New Burma’ with the refugees of Burma in California and Kentucky.

Jerry Englehart Jr. - New Burma

More updates will be coming soon including the new name and a new website!

To read the official announcement by Jennifer Kaczmarek… please visit this link:

Introducing our new vision and people


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